by Kevin Villalta

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3 cassette tapes, 1 cd, voice, piano, bass clarinet, flute, cello and sound hoses

Amy Foote, Soprano
Justin Lee, flute
Anna-Christina Phillips, clarinet
Kevin Rogers, violin
Anne Suda, cello
Stepan Rudenko, piano

SFNewMusic and Nonsemble 6 Collaborative Concert: "For the End of Time"
Zion Lutheran Church, San Francisco, CA
May 14, 2011 - World Premiere

Program Note:

TREESCAPE is a piece about the spirituality of trees and
their representation of eternity in Judeo-Christian history.
Trees are actually one of the longest living organisms on our planet. Some of the oldest trees are 4000 years old. With that in mind, I, like Messiaen, was inspired to write a piece based off biblical passages on this specific theme. One that struck me in particular was Revelations 22:2-3 "On either side of the river is the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, producing its fruit each month; and the leaves of the
tree are for the healing of the nations".

For TREESCAPE, the group of instruments represent a
whole tree. The piano represents the roots and stem of the
tree while the other instruments represent the branches. The music for the piano is very strict and grounded while the
rest of the instruments have certain freedoms and have the
ability to improvise, much like branches have the freedom to
choose where to grow/twist/point. The cassette tapes have recordings of other things that represent life: a river, birds (which are an homage to Messiaen), and the breath of God which is represented by wind chimes and sound hoses. There is also a cassette tape which has quotations from the Bible that deal with trees. Finally, this piece references
Methuselah, who was the longest living biblical figure living 969 yrs, and is also the name of the oldest known living tree in the world. It's c. 5000 years old and is located in Inyo
County, California.


released September 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Kevin Villalta San Francisco, California

A composer based in the Southwest, Kevin has worked with Kronos Quartet, Mobius Trio, New Keys, Nonsemble 6, Friction Quartet and sfSound among others.

His music is an amalgamation of compositional processes & experiments with texture & rhythm. Graphic scores, electro-acoustic works, tape, indigenous music from Central & South America, & extended techniques all make up the DNA of his music.
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